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We now offer a Tymetal post and cable crash fence perimeter security solution. Manufactured in the U.S.A. Tymetal offers a crash-tested M50-P1 system, the TCF-CR-50P1, which meets ASTM F-2656-15 and is listed on the Department of Defense Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List. Additionally, we offer an M50-P2, M30-P1 and M30-P2 engineered systems for less intense security applications.  Midwest Fence and Gate design team can respond to your specific needs and provide the technical support to meet your project requirements. The advantage to the TCF-CR-50P1 is simple, Ease of Installation.


The model TCRB-110 pivot arm/beam is engineered to meet Department of Navy OR 098-09-88 (10,000 lb vehicle @ 18 mpg at impact)  TheTCRB-110 standard assembly consists of a receiver, stanchion, hinge stanchion, aluminum arm, stanchion covers, and a hydraulic pumping unit.

TSB-CAR and TSB-TRUCK are shallow mount single removable bollards. TSB-CAR is designed to meet the new ASTM working standard for Vehicle into Storefront, and TSB-TRUCK exceeds the requirements for ASTM F2656-07 M30 (equivalent to U.S. DOS K4). The new patent-pending design is a technology breakthrough and can be used either singly or in the long runs. They are the ideal solution to protect retail shops, banks, sports stadiums, or almost any other vulnerable area from accidental impact

Chain Link

The perfect solution for when you need the strength and protection of a chain link fence system. 


Galvanized & Colored Chain offer security, protection from corrosion and product durability. 


You can also choose from different types of decorative polyethylene slats, tinted to match the shades of our color chain-link systems, and designed for more privacy. 


Crash Block

The world's only high-speed (BSI.IWA14) Multiple Crash Tested Surface Mount Crash Block.  As the growing threat of Terrorist Attacks on the public gets worse new ways of stopping them has been developed by Safetyflex design team to give instant H.V.M. Protection.  Crash Block 40 is a Surface Mount Block that has a special unique design that lets the block just sit on the surface of the ground with no ground fixing.  It is completely free-standing.



SecurCage™ is a complete high-security prisoner or detainee enclosure. It is virtually maintenance-free. All panels are hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. No field welding required and all bolt-together connections are located on the exterior of the cage for human confinement applications. All security nut attachments are concealed and protected with a security cover for anti-tampering security. Optional door cuff and shackle ports are available with a mechanical latch that provides additional protection for correctional or police officers. Optional color coating is available