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The Benefits of Security Gates for Your Home or Business

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Close-up of a security gate.

Security gates offer properties some major curb appeal, add value to your home, are designed to discourage intruders, and protect the things that matter most to us. If you are considering installing a security gate on your property, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will answer your most burning questions so you can make the best decision for your home or business.

5 Advantages of Installing a Security Gate

A security gate is one of the best ways to increase your home's security. As well as looking great, security gates are excellent for deterring burglars and safeguarding your possessions. If you've recently seen a security gate on another property, you may wonder if you should invest in one as well. If you are “on the fence” about investing in a security gate, we have compiled a list of the 5 main benefits of installing one.

1. Protection from Intruders.

As a starting point, let's consider the most important reason people buy security gates—improved protection against burglars. Most criminal acts occur when there is a window of opportunity. As a result, if your home appears easy to break into, burglars will be far more likely to. Security gates make your home less attractive to thieves.

2. Keep trespassers at bay.

When you have a larger property, such as farmland, it is common for people to trespass accidentally, or think it is a great spot to park or illegally dump their garbage. By putting in a security gate and fencing, you can keep these pesky strangers from trespassing. This way, you won't have to worry about telling people to leave.

3. Score major curb appeal points.

When done properly, security gates enhance the curb appeal of a home or business.

Many European castles and mansions boast ornate gates decorated with lions, crests, and beautiful metalwork. They not only keep the property safe but add an air of elegance. If you are looking to emulate this level of sophistication, a security gate is a great way to do so! Who knows, you may even turn heads, or attract more business.

4. Sell for more!

With better curb appeal and heightened security comes increased property value. With many growing families or entrepreneurs looking for secure properties to reside in or do business in, having a security gate installed already makes your property much more in demand than the next place.

5. Protect your growing family.

A security gate does more than keep shady people out, it also protects children and pets from roaming away.

When you live near a busy street, it can be difficult to let your children play outside. You will no longer have to worry about your children running into the street after introducing a security gate to your home. As for your precious pooch, they will be safe to play too!

Things to Consider Before Installing Your Security Gate

The Site of Your Security Gate Installation. Installing a security gate at the right location is key, especially for larger properties. You will need to evaluate the surrounding area and decide how much security is needed.

The Safety of Your Security Gate Installation. You should install a security gate that can be operated safely if you have children or pets. For them, automatic gates can be confusing, so ensure that all safety precautions are taken to prevent accidents or injury.

The Fixtures of Your Security Gate Installation. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. No matter how well-built your gate is, if the lock is of poor quality, your security will suffer. Ensure that when in discussions with your contractor, that you select only the best fixtures and quality materials. When it comes to your protection, you should never cut corners.

Signs It Might Be Time to Install a Security Gate

A run-down building with boarded-up windows.

You Have Valuables

Have you recently invested in a valuable asset, such as jewelry, a new car, or an entertainment system? Perhaps your store sells expensive goods or brand new technology. Robbers are opportunistic and want to duck in and duck out quickly if they choose to break in. In most cases, the mere sight of a security gate is enough to discourage them from trying their luck.

Your Neighborhood is Getting Rougher

A neighborhood can suffer from rough patches. It may be a sign that the neighborhood is experiencing a downturn if you notice more police activity, a higher crime rate, or the sudden appearance of an abandoned house or rundown building. This kind of situation calls for extra security. Until your situation improves or you can move somewhere else, consider installing a security gate to deter unwanted people or stray animals from entering your property.

You are Experiencing Vandalism

Even good neighborhoods experience vandalism. Although not all vandals intend to do serious damage, even an innocent act can end up costing a lot. One broken window and you may be out hundreds of dollars for repairs!

A wild animal is another kind of vandal that can wreak havoc on your gardens and landscaping. Many animals can seriously damage your vegetable or flower garden, from feral cats to hungry deer. Avoid costly landscaping services with the help of a security gate and fencing.

Your Family is Growing

A security gate can help protect your pets and children from the danger lurking on the other side. It can be difficult to allow your kids or dog to play in the yard when you live near a busy street or wooded area. While a security gate can't replace your watchful eye, it will provide your family with an extra layer of protection. With the gate, you can help keep your loved ones safe from cars, strangers, and wild animals.

If you’re looking to secure your home or business against theft, you shouldn’t think twice about investing in a security gate. And the good news is that at Midwest Fence & Gate Company, we offer security gates that come in all shapes and sizes, so it isn’t hard to find the perfect one for your needs and budget. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or get your free quote.


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