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When it comes to perimeter protection and property access, the right gate systems are critical to maintaining your highest level of safety and security. Midwest Fence & Gate Company assesses your gate systems needs, takes into account all requirements, then installs the most dependable and secure gate systems on the market today.

Commercial, industrial and residential customers alike benefit from the expertise and product knowledge of Midwest Fence & Gate Company.

Access Control

Access Control

Controlled access to property, whether commercial, industrial or residential, is the key to maintaining the security of both buildings and people. Midwest Fence & Gate Company has years of experience creating access control solutions specific to our client’s needs, whether public or private.

With state of the art technology, the most highly respected product manufacturers in the business and our expertise, we can offer you the access control system you require for your peace of mind.

Gate Automation

Rely on gate automation for properly securing your worksite, warehouse, loading dock or other area that demands heightened security. Made from heavy-duty materials for sturdy protection, installation of gate automation from Midwest Fence & Gate Company ensures the safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, while keeping you in compliance with mandated requirements. Most gates are available in functional or decorative styles.


Midwest Fence & Gate Company will expertly recommend and install the gate automation system you require:​

  • Cantilever slide

  • Vertical lift

  • Telescoping roller

  • Anti-ram

  • Swing

  • Manual operated or automatic

Gate Operators

State-of-the-art gate operators offer you the push-button, easy-to-use convenience of access control for your property. Midwest Fence & Gate Company helps you eliminate risk and reduce threats to your property, employees or family. What’s more, we’ll survey your site and help you determine the most effective gate operator system for your requirements.

Midwest Fence & Gate Company only installs gate operators and fence systems from the highest quality manufacturers in the business. Many gate operators feature:

  • Easy-to-use wireless/remote technology

  • Adjustable timers for scheduling convenience

  • Obstruction sensing systems for personal safety

  • Keypad and password options for increased security

Gat Automation
Gate Openers
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