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Whether you’re a homeowner wanting privacy or a business looking to safeguard buildings and property, rely on Midwest Fence & Gate. We customize fence and gate systems to suit the exact needs of the individual client. 


With years of experience in designing and installing customized projects for a variety of customers and industries, we are uniquely qualified to create the fence and gate system that precisely meets your specifications and requirements. 


We use only the best materials – aluminum, vinyl, PVC and more – to ensure your security, safety and privacy while adding value and protection to your property.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Midwest Fence & Gate specializes in providing secure perimeter fencing systems to the Midwest’s substations.

Homeland Security


As a trusted vendor of the US Government, Midwest Fence & Gate Company is honored to help protect and defend our nation’s public and government buildings and properties. When it comes to heightened security risks, we deliver the very best in systems, service and materials.

Midwest Fence & Gate Company specializes in addressing the fencing and access control challenges faced by:

  • Government buildings

  • Landmarks

  • Parks

  • Military bases

  • Visitors centers

  • Storage facilities

  • Airfields
    Tymetal K12 Crash Gate 

Industrial & Commercial

Perimeter security for your industrial and commercial needs with Midwest Fence & Gate ensures you, your business and your employees reliable protection against unauthorized access, crime, theft, vandalism and liability for accidental injury.

With superior fencing and gate systems, Midwest Fence & Gate Co. addresses the fencing and access control challenges faced by:

  • Office buildings

  • Shopping centers

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Power plants

  • Construction sites

  • Storage facilities

  • Fleet parking facilities

  • Hospitals and clinics

  • Animal clinic/hospitals

  • Warehouses

  • Equipment installations

  • Employee and guest parking lots



Our residential fencing allows for more privacy, clearly defined boundaries and improved curb appeal for your home.

Please see our Residential Materials page for more information on materials we have to offer such as:

Schools & Parks

Midwest Fence & Gate ensures the highest level of safety and security while also maintaining the natural beauty of a property’s surroundings.

Midwest Fence & Gate Company uses the safest and most trusted materials to provide fencing and access control for:

  • School grounds

  • Playgrounds

  • Swimming pools

  • Tennis courts

  • Parks

  • Recreational facilities

  • Sports complexes

  • Faculty parking lots

Specialty Applications

Midwest Fence & Gate specializes in turnkey fencing solutions. From start to finish, Midwest Fence & Gate manages your entire project, coordinating contractors, establishing timelines and meeting deadlines.

Rely on Midwest Fence & Gate Company to provide your turnkey fencing project with quality materials and superior access controls from start to finish. A specialty turnkey project includes:

  • Timeline fulfillment

  • Installation

  • Final walk-through

  • Service after the sale

  • Site survey

  • Project design

  • Contractor coordination

  • Project management


For more than a decade, Midwest Fence & Gate has provided secure fencing and access controls to the Midwest’s telecommunication towers.

Homeland Security
Industrial & Commercial
Schools & Parks
Specialty Applications
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