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Vinyl Fencing Styles and Functionalities You Must Check Out

White privacy vinyl fencing with a lattice top.

Fences not only mark the boundaries of your residential premises but they also enhance the overall look and feel of the property. While for a long time, wooden fencing was considered to be the classic go-to option, vinyl fencing is more popular these days.

Vinyl fences are now available in several styles, different colors, and textures. There are even accessories that go with it, altogether enhancing the look of your property. Before you choose a vinyl fencing style for your house, it is crucial to know what options are available to you and what exactly is it that you need fencing for. Depending on these factors, you can decide upon just the right type of vinyl fencing for your property.

Types of Vinyl Fences

Privacy Vinyl Fence: This fence is usually six feet high, though the actual height is five feet with a lattice that is one foot high, at the top. They are popular for the enhanced privacy they offer, but they can also be decorative if required.

Picket Vinyl Fence: It is used for defining the boundaries of a property. You might have seen them being installed on the front lawns and gardens of large houses.

Ranch Vinyl Fence: It is available in a two or three rail and can either be used for standard fencing which is mostly seen on farms and places where cattle are kept. The cross buck vinyl fence is known for its design as it is more visually aesthetic and improves the look of the property.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Vinyl Fence for Your House

A house with brown vinyl fencing.

There are a number of things that you should keep in mind when you are choosing a particular type of vinyl fencing for your property. Let’s take a look at some of those.

What Exactly Do You Require the Fence for?

Fencing is mostly done for defining the boundaries of a property, but its uses are not just limited to that. Having a fence could hold back your farm animals or pets from escaping your property, or you might need a fence if you have small children living in the house. One could also require vinyl fencing specifically for privacy concerns.

The Height of the Vinyl Fence

Another important point to take into consideration when choosing a vinyl fence for your house is the height of the fence. Get in touch with the municipality or any other such association that has specifications regarding the height of the fencing that is permitted in the area where you reside. There are a few places that require you to get a permit for the installation of a fence beyond a certain height.

The Color and Style

Once you have made a clear decision with respect to the height that you would like and have also determined the purpose for which you need the fencing to be done, it is time to select a color that would complement the rest of the property and pick a style that would best suit your needs. It is a good idea to check out a few designs on the internet or drive through your neighborhood to get an idea of what sort of fencing is in place in other houses in your area.

Plan Your Budget

It is equally important to decide upon a budget before choosing the right fence for your property. Schedule a consultation with a professional fencing company in advance, and they will be able to give you a basic idea of what fencing will work best with your house and what it will look like once the job is done.

Though pricing is important, do not compromise on quality. Choosing poor-quality fencing material will probably cost you more in maintenance than a well-chosen sturdy vinyl fence would. The weather can also affect the materials you use for the house. So pay attention to the weather conditions of the area you reside in when choosing the fencing type.

Why Choose Vinyl Fencing

Although vinyl fences cost more than other types of fencing, they’re highly durable, functional, low-maintenance, and long-lasting, making them one of the most cost-effective fencing solutions in the long run.

You only have to occasionally wipe down the panels to keep the fence in good condition. Unlike metallic panels, the panels used in vinyl fencing are corrosion-free and do not succumb to moisture or rotting. You can also use options like steel-reinforced rails and UV protection to add an extra layer of protection to your already durable vinyl fence.

Nowadays, vinyl fencing is in high demand by residential homeowners, businesses, and apartment building owners. Apart from the fact that it is more sturdy and durable, vinyl fences are also aesthetically-pleasing and add to the look of your property. There are also a wide variety of vinyl fencing designs for you to choose from. But remember that vinyl fences are not naturally water-resistant, so they might need an additional feature to cover for that.

A fence is more than just an aesthetic addition to your house; it also protects and guards you house from theft and vandalism. Before you finalize a fence style, height, and type, make sure you know thoroughly about your locality (neighborhood), weather conditions, as well as any fencing regulations that might exist in that area.

If you need help deciding what kind of fence you should choose, get in touch with our design and installation team. At Midwest Fence And Gate Company, we promise you a hassle-free experience right from the start, whether it’s helping you choose the fence that best suits your need or the actual installation at your property. Contact us today and get high-quality vinyl fencing done at affordable prices!

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