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It is all about the first impression

Commercial property owners want to be sure that they not only keep their tenants but also recruit for new tenants. This frequently means looking for a variety of ways to keep the building and area well maintained.

Curb appeal in the front of a building is always a priority but many times the other exterior spaces can be neglected. Here is where you can use a variety of fencing ideas that can create spaces and increase your overall appearance of your building.

Curb Appeal

Adding a decorative fence in the front of your property can provide excellent curb appeal. This visual will show that the owner cares and maintains their property which also lends itself to the expectation that the interior will also be receiving that level of care as well.

Directional fencing such as an ornamental fence functions well to direct visitors to a main entrance area without using distracting signage. Providing a level of security is another benefit for your tenants and visitors.

Designing for Privacy

Using fencing to provide outdoor privacy on a property also provides an aesthetic appearance. This area may be designated for smokers or to provide a more private option if there is frequent drop offs of supplies and products for the tenants.

Allowing for an area outside of the standard breakroom is also a very desirable amenity to provide for employees that like to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors during breaks. It can also be used to provide another setting for meetings and even conferences. Boosting employee’s morale while still providing privacy relates to a more relaxing atmosphere and another selling point for future tenants. Another benefit is that it allows tenants to wander around while feeling safe.

No one looks forward to having “the talk” with your employer so this area can also provide that privacy that you need to extend during these times.


Today businesses do not necessarily operate on a 9 to 5 schedule. Traffic from tenants occupying office spaces are allowing their employee more and more the opportunity to work flexible hours and days. Security becomes a top priority to provide for these tenants.

Offering parking areas that have ornamental iron or chain link fences are particularly important for future tenants and becomes a selling point for that tenant as well to offer that security for their employees. Even providing security gates that require pass codes can be an added feature.

Using ornamental fences to improve the outdoor areas and to minimize a next-door business that is not providing the same care to their building can be an added value to your property.

Ask Your Professionals For Advice

Midwest Fence and Gate Company will be able to provide you with options and product lines that are best suited to your needs and provide that outdoor appeal you are looking for. Our professional designers will evaluate your property and provide both ideas on fencing and landscaping to enhance your property for current and future tenants.

Our professional installation team and expert craftsmen will ensure your fencing enhances your property and installation will come with as little disruption to your current tenants as possible. After installation, we will still be there for you with free maintenance checks and warranty service.

Midwest Fence and Gate Company is located at 3465 Maple Drive, Fort Dodge, Iowa. You can contact them at 515-576-5078 or at Follow us at on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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