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Why Chain Link Fences Are So Popular

A close-up shot of a chain link fence with a sunny background.

Chain link fences are among the oldest forms of fences available in the market. They are versatile and hence quite popular for both home and commercial usage. Chain link fences are an excellent choice in a variety of settings, from sports grounds to construction sites.

A chain link fence, made from galvanized steel wires zigzagged vertically, is ideal for securing barns, industrial buildings, residential dwellings, parking lots, and farmyards. There are several advantages to using chain link fencing; read on for some examples of why they have become so popular.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Chain Link Fences

Easy to Set Up and Install

Compared to other fences, a chain link fence can be built quickly and at a lower cost. Setting up this sturdy fence is easy. You can either do it yourself or seek a professional’s help to do the job for you. Hiring an expert to install your chain link fence could save you time and effort as well.

Needs Low Maintenance

Once installed, the chain link fence does not need regular maintenance. The fence is coated, typically using vinyl, PVC, or aluminum, so that it does not rust or get damaged by exposure to the sun, moisture, heat, etc. Unlike other types of fences, a chain link fence can be cleaned, repaired, and replaced easily.


Chain link fencing is a great option if you are on a budget. Other fencing options like wood, vinyl, and aluminum are slightly more expensive. Chain link fences cost less and last longer.

A rose garden behind a chain link fence.

Enhanced Security in Your Yard

A sturdy steel fence can effectively secure your property from trespassers or stray animals. The sturdy nature of the fence makes it difficult to be cut off. Hence, installing a chain link fence will boost safety in your yard. You can even build a fence as tall as 20 ft with extra deterrents like barbed wires on top to prevent climbers from getting through.

Customized Options

Chain link fences may be customized to fit your property’s specific needs. You can opt for a galvanized steel wire fence made by coating the steel wire with zinc for a long-lasting finish. This type of fence is often used in federal and local government offices and industrial premises.

On the other hand, aluminized steel fences are coated with aluminum to prevent rust and corrosion. You may also choose from a variety of colors and gate styles. Chain link fences serve as the best option for pivot gates and cantilever slides.


A chain link fence is long-lasting and durable. The incredible toughness of the interlocked steel wires helps it to hold its ground firmly. Chain link fences can withstand strong winds if they are correctly fixed. These fences hold up well in the rain, snow, and hail storms. Given their toughness, these fences are considered a good investment.

Types of Chain Link Fences

Here are some different types of chain link fences:


Most houses prefer to have this type of chain link fence. The galvanized coating prevents corrosion and makes the fence more appealing and long-lasting since it is made entirely of metal.

Slatted Chain Link Fencing

Homeowners and businessmen who want enhanced security and privacy can opt for slatted chain link fencing. This kind of fence is made of horizontal wood boards or planks, which are attached to the chain link. This helps give additional support to the fence and also reduces upfront visibility through the fence. You can customize the slatted chain link fence: for instance, you can make the fence look distinct by arranging the boards in a pattern, enhancing the look of your property.


The ordinary chain link fence comes in the default silver color. However, you can choose a color that appeals to you. The fences can be coated with various colors and hues to match your property’s aesthetics.

Polymer and PVC Coatings

A PVC and polymer coating is a great option, although it could drive up your cost. They are more expensive than galvanized coatings but offer a better look and finish.

Components of a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence can have components added or subtracted depending on the type of area it is securing. Typically though, a basic chain link fence includes these essential components:


The framework is the most significant component of a chain link fence. Posts made of steel tubing serve as the framework for the steel mesh to be attached. Filling the posts with concrete keeps the mesh from shifting.

Mesh Material

Bending and interlocking the steel mesh cloth creates a flexible and robust fence. Wires of varying thickness are used depending on the area being fenced. Galvanized coatings are often applied to mesh fabrics to increase their corrosion resistance.


A fence is protected with fittings. These are top caps that fit on the upper end of the posts and rails to hold the bottom rails in place. Tightening bands hold the mesh cloth in place, preventing it from sagging or shifting.


If you are only fencing your backyard, then you may not require a gate or passage. However, if the chain link fence is being used all around the property, an entry-exit gate will be required for you and your vehicles to pass through.

Interested in a Chain Link Fence?

A chain link fence is an excellent choice to secure your property, whether it is your home or office. It helps demarcate your property and keeps intruders out. If you are looking to install a chain link fence at your home or commercial property, we have got you covered: Midwest Fence & Gate provides all types of fences be it wood, vinyl, decorative, or chain link fences to suit your budget and aesthetic preference. Our dedicated team is well equipped to guide you through the entire installation process. Contact us today if you wish to install a chain link fence on your property.

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