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How to Choose the Right Chain Link Fence for Your Needs

A close-up of a chain-link fence with a basketball court in the background.

Chain link fences are a popular and versatile choice for securing your property. They are suitable for residential and commercial purposes because they balance security, durability, and affordability. Since different options are available in the current market, choosing the right fence that caters to your specific needs is essential.

Read on to explore the types of chain link fences and the essential factors to consider while choosing one.

Types of Chain Link Fence

Galvanized steel or aluminum wire is woven into a diamond-shaped pattern to make a chain link fence. Due to its unique design, it is also called a wire-mesh fence, cyclone fence, or diamond-mesh fence. You can use these fences for boundaries, security, pet enclosures, sports facilities, and other applications.

Chain link fences are typically affordable, low-maintenance, and can last many years with proper care. This makes them ideal for long-term security solutions. The two major types available are:

  1. Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Galvanized fences have a hot-dipped zinc coating, which creates a robust barrier against corrosion and rust. These fences are ideal for outdoor applications, as they can withstand varying weather conditions and need minimal maintenance. Whether you need a fence for residential or commercial purposes, galvanized chain link fences can be a versatile and practical option.

  1. Color-Coated Chain Link Fence

For property owners who want the strength of a traditional chain link fence with added aesthetic appeal, color-coated chain link fences are an excellent choice. These fences come with a polymer coating in various colors, such as black, green, or brown. This allows you to choose a shade that complements your surroundings. Since they blend with the landscape, you can also enhance the overall curb appeal.

A chain link fence with a fabricated gate securing a driveway with a van.

Factors to Consider

Everyone has a unique need for fencing, so you must consider a few significant factors when choosing a chain link fence:

Purpose of the Fence

The first thing to consider is your fencing goal and how much protection you need. You may need a fence that acts as a visual barrier or one that secures your children, valuable possessions, and pets. When you understand your needs better, you can select suitable fencing and gate options to achieve the desired results. Defining the purpose will also help determine whether you need additional features like barbed wire or privacy slats.

Location and Installation

The location of your property and the type of soil can impact your choice of a chain link fence. You can opt for a galvanized or color-coated one based on your area's weather conditions and corrosion risk. You should also decide the depth of the posts and the required height of the fence. Driven posts are ideal for temporary or less permanent installations, offering flexibility for relocation.

On the other hand, concrete footings provide a more stable and long-term solution, making them suitable for permanent fencing installations. Choosing the correct installation method can improve the fence's stability and long-term performance.

Gauge and Mesh Size

The gauge of a chain link fence refers to the thickness of the wire, and a lower gauge indicates a stronger wire. If your locality experiences rough weather, a low gauge fence will provide better protection. However, it comes at a higher price, so finding the right balance between affordability and strength is essential.

The mesh size, or the size of the diamond-shaped openings, is another crucial factor as it affects both visibility and security. For security purposes, opt for a smaller mesh size to prevent intruders from climbing or squeezing through. A larger mesh size may be suitable for less critical purposes.

Fence Height

Your location and security requirements will define your fencing height. A shorter fence may suit residential areas requiring visibility, while a taller fence can improve security. A fence height of 4 to 6 feet for residential properties is generally sufficient for pet enclosures and visual barriers. It’s also important to check local regulations and homeowner association rules for any height restrictions that may apply to your property.

Budget Considerations

Your budget determines the quality and type of chain link fence you can afford. In addition to the materials, the installation and maintenance costs can also vary depending on the complexity of your project. For example, color-coated fences may require periodic repainting to preserve their aesthetic appeal. You can partner with a reputed fencing company for an accurate quote and customized fencing solutions.

Additional Features

After considering the main factors, you can check with your fencing company for additional features. The following three options can cater to your unique fencing needs.

  • Fabricated Gates: Based on your needs, you can fabricate a single or double-driven gate. Since they have strong and long-lasting welded corners, they are more secure and durable than other gates. Your fencing partner can tailor your gate to fit any size opening, providing a seamless and secure entrance to your property.

  • Privacy Slatting: Privacy slatting can help you balance security and privacy perfectly. Depending on your choice, you can fix the slatting to the top or bottom of the fence, creating a visual barrier to improve privacy while allowing visibility. The width and gap size of the slatting are essential to consider when choosing your option.

  • Tension Wire: A bottom tension wire can enhance your chain link fence’s overall stability. In addition to reinforcing the links, this wire will prevent animals from digging under the fence. By making the whole enclosure taut, you can ensure it remains straight and secure during rough weather.

Partnering with a fencing company can be a good choice since several factors influence your choice. Reach out to Midwest Fence & Gate for expert advice, quality materials, and impeccable installation services. Our team can ensure you have the perfect chain link fence in place, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of security, durability, and affordability for years to come. Contact us today to learn more!

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