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Top Wooden Fence Maintenance Tips

A one-storey house with white walls, grey roof, and a large window is enclosed by a neat-looking white wooden fence.

Expert Maintenance Tips For A Top-Notch Wooden Fence

There is nothing quite like a beautiful wooden fence fringing your yard. Whether it is for bordering your property for privacy and seclusion, enhancing the appeal of your yard’s curb, or adding a touch of style and elegance to your garden, wooden fences remain one of the most popular choices among property owners.

Adequate maintenance is key to a picture-perfect wooden fence. Without proper care, it would deteriorate and lose its beauty. A decaying and dilapidated wooden fence would make your house appear uninviting and uncared for, which is why it is vital to maintain your wooden fence in top shape. Caring for the wooden fence as soon as you install it is always a good idea to retain its functionality and charm. Leaving wooden fences unattended may be a mistake you live to regret sooner or later since this neglect can cause them to break down or fall beyond repair and gradually eat up your savings.

Since wood is more susceptible to damage by weather elements, installing a wooden fence is a commitment. Quite often, homeowners are concerned that they might not be able to keep up with the necessary repairs. They have doubts about investing into a wooden fence as a result. To help you make up your mind, we have come up with a bunch of simple and guaranteed wood fence maintenance tips that will help you ensure your fence remains intact and lasts you for years.

  • Start On The Right Foot With Superior Quality Material

Indeed even the best hardware requires utmost care to preserve its beauty and prevent decay. Nevertheless, the importance of constructing your fence with a high-quality and durable material cannot be emphasized enough. Compromising the wood quality for a cheaper alternative can prove to be a blunder in the long run.

For your wooden fence to stay put for as long as possible, it is crucial to thoughtfully select a material that can stand firm against outdoor elements. Rosewood and cedar make for excellent industry recommendations for fencing since they are the most resistant to natural wear, decay, and environmental exposure. Utilizing pressure-treated wood that can endure water damage and pest infestations will guarantee you have the finest-looking fence for the longest time.

  • Keep Your Fence Clear By Cleaning Regularly

Wooden fences need some TLC now and then to maintain them immaculately. If not regularly trimmed, surrounding shrubs and overgrown tree branches can scratch the fence and cause the paint to chip off, leading to a significant damage to the fence’s beauty. Although creepers and vines add to the visual appeal, it is best to avoid having them grow on your fence since they can cause infestation by timber-loving insects and moisture accumulation.

Pruning plants away from the fence and raking your yard often to clear foliage and debris from the ground will prevent your fence from rotting.

It is not uncommon for mildew and fungus to thrive on wooden surfaces. Mildew can stimulate and quicken the deterioration of wood. Hence keeping your fence clear of mold will keep it looking good for a long time.

  • Application Of A Paint Or Sealant For Long-Term Value

A white wooden fence with the stems of purple flowers extending between the posts.

Most wooden fences are constructed with sturdy wood that is processed to withstand degradation from weather elements. Painting your wooden fence not only imparts texture and hue but also renders additional protection and contributes to its longevity. If the idea of painting your fence does not appeal to you, then you should consider shielding it with wood sealant.

Applying a sealant or a protective coat is important for keeping your fencing in a top-notch condition for the years to come. A sealant serves as a protective layer that defends your fence from the sun radiation and other environmental elements.

If you want to preserve the physical appearance of wood, a seal coating can be an ideal option to ensure your fence holds up unblemished for years. Periodic application of the sealant reinforces its strength and enables your wooden fence to remain protected from the harsh outdoor elements.

  • Keep Your Wooden Fence Away From Water

Water is wood's greatest foe, and water damage will certainly shorten the lifespan of your fence. Unfortunately, fences are bound to get wet from the rain, but even then, it is essential to protect them from an unnecessary contact with water.

If you use sprinklers in your yard, this is a tip you will thank us for later. The water used for watering plants, treated with chemicals and chlorine, is likely to accelerate the degeneration of wood if it repeatedly strikes the fence. Be sure to point your sprinklers away from your wooden fence so that you don’t end up splattering water on it each time you water your plants.

The moisture in the soil can penetrate the wooden planks of your fence and ruin them. Be watchful and ensure that the foundation of the fence pickets does not touch the soil.

  • Investigate Frequently To Detect And Address Fence Issues

A significant wood fence maintenance tip is to inspect the fence structure regularly for damages and get them fixed as soon as possible regardless of how minor the damage may be. As the famous phrase goes, a stitch in time saves nine. Minor damages to the fence, if left unchecked, can escalate quickly and lead to serious trouble and untimely replacements down the road.

The importance of keeping abreast with the repair work of wooden fencing to prolong its lifespan cannot be overestimated. If you detect any sagging, rotting, or splitting in your fence, it is in your best interest to act instantly.

Final Words

A wooden fence is aesthetically appealing and can last you for years, provided you take care of it. Lagging on maintenance will leave you with a miserable dingy-looking fence. Undoubtedly, hiring a reliable and qualified professional is a great way to ensure a long lifespan for your wooden fence.

At Midwest Fence & Gate Company, the experts are happy to build you a high-quality fence using superior materials that will stick around for years. Get in touch with our team of experts to anchor your new wooden fence.

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